Crash Bash

Look out for yourself and your mates

No one wants to plan the perfect night out, only to have it turn into a complete nightmare – but in so many cases, when alcohol’s involved, that’s exactly what happens.

Here are some tips to help you plan a fun and safe night out with your mates if alcohol is involved.



PACE – Take it easy when drinking. Try taking sips or drinking non-alcoholic beverages between each drink. Don’t try and keep up with your mates – everyone handles alcohol differently.

LIMIT – Set limits for yourself and stick to them.

AVOID – Stay away from drinking games, sculling competitions, shouts, and rounds.

NO – Sometimes a simple ‘no’ is all you need to avoid being pressured into doing stuff you don’t want to.


Other tips

Have a back-up plan if your sober driver is no longer sober.

Have extra cash for a taxi ride home.

Go out with freinds you trust who will look out for you.

Stand up and say "No" to catching a ride with someone you think may have been drinking.

Look after your designated driver – shout them some non-alcoholic drinks or pay for their petrol.

Have something to eat before you start drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach is just asking for trouble.

Keep your phone topped up and check to see if your parents are OK to pick you up if your planned ride home fails.

Check out our wallet card.


Sober Driving

There are a lot of up-sides to being the sober driver.

There’s no hangover. You save money. You get to laugh at your mates making idiots of themselves. And everybody loves you for taking care of them and getting them home.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Test out some of these tasty non alcoholic drinks next time you're taking one for the team and sober driving...


Black and Tan – Ginger ale, ginger beer

Coconut Cooler – Coconut milk, lime juice, sparkling water

Coffee Cola Cooler – Cola, instant coffee, maple syrup, water

Earthshake – Carrot juice, pineapple juice on the rocks

Canterbury – Cranberry juice and Coca-Cola

Lime Cola – Coca-Cola, lime

Lime Cooler – Lime juice, tonic water

Orange and Tonic – Orange juice, tonic water

Punchless Pina Colada – Coconut cream, lime juice, pineapple juice

Virgin Mary – Lemon juice, pepper, salt, tabasco, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce

Canterbury Sunset – Cranberry juice, orange juice

Rail Splitter – Ginger ale, lemon juice, sugar syrup